Fanon episodes:

23. Lair Alone

Mikey is left alone in the lair while Splinter and the others are meeting up with a great ninjutsu master who has been mutated in to a grasshopper. The Kraang attack the lair with there new mega weapon. air date: 5/7/14

24: Slashing new york

the slash tries to flod new York with his acid. Air date: 12/7/1

25-26: The face of shredder

The shredder mutats him self into a lepard. And the krang bring in a wepond to earth that could destroy earth. the shredder tries to get his revenge on the turtles. After donnie creats a retro mutagen spray that can spray all New York kari stells it with under the control of the krang. And krang prine comes to earth for the final time to kill April oneal