The ninja turtles by jamce-d38bp4t
The Ninja Turtles is a 2009-2010 animated series that was on Teletoon from May to November 2009 before appearing on Jetix. 

The series follows the life of 4 15 year old ninja turtles as they have adventures in New York City.


In New York a man name Hamato Yoshi owns a martial arts shop. A rival owner Oroku Saki attempts to put him out of business. He throws a canister of a strange substance called mutagen and it explodes in his house. A rat touches him causing him to become a rat like creature. Hamato is thought to be dead and 4 students of his Leonardo, Donatello, Michaelangelo and Raphael tell the police Saki did it and is arrested. Saki then trains his own ninjas and seeks revenge against Yoshi and the students as the Shredder. One day the students fall into a manhole and are covered in mutagen while touching turtles and become mutants. Yoshi now known as Splinter takes the Children in as his own and trains them to be great ninjas.


Principal Cast(Seasons 1 through 2)

Jesse McCartney as Leonardo De Luca

Charlie Shclatter as Donatello Russo

Topher Grace as Michaelangelo Romano

Josh Keaton as Raphael Lombardi

Mako as Hamato Yoshi/Master Splinter

Dan Petronijevic as Casey Jones

Ashley Johnson as April O'Neil

Mark Oliver as Oroku Saki/Shredder,

Paul Dobbson as Rocksteady

Brian Drummond as Bebop

Recurring Cast

Wayne Garrison as Foot Boss

Tom Kenny as Lord Mole

Dee Bradley Baker as Krang

Kevin Michael Richardson as Foot Soldier 1#, Purple Dragon 3#

John DiMaggio as Purple Dragon 1#

Scott Menville as Purple Dragon 2#

Charlie Schlatter as Foot Soldier 2#

Nolan North as Foot Soldier 3#, Baxter Stockman Paulina Gills as the Mini Shreddu dweebs (stupid stck figure critters who have the Shredder's face, only comic relief)


Jeff Benett as Trunkmunk(formely a zookeeper who was mutated while feeding elephants. He then joined Shredder who promised him a cure for his mutation.

Steven Blum as Stinglfy(a teenager named Oliver who was stung by a wasp before falling into a mutagen pool.)

Grey Delisle as BoneKlaw( a wildlife expert who was mutated when she found a lynx skeleton.)

John DiMaggio as FangWing( an adventurer who was attacked by bats in a cave and fell into mutagen).

Nolan North as Wrecka(a wrestler who was coated in mutagen and mutated because of his rhino skin cloth.)

Kevin Michael Richardson as SharkBait(a cruise owner who fell into the ocean and was attacked by sharks whilst in a mutagen pool).

Rob Paulsen and Frank Welker as Squit and Bobo(two dimwits who attempted to be foot ninjas but were hopeless and fell into a mutagen river. Squit as a sloth and Bobo is a gorilla.)

Tom Kenny as Lord Mole (the leader of the Mole Gang an army of mutant Moles who ally the Shredder and try to steal underware.)