TMNT 2014 is a new edition to the TMNT series created by Shroob12. it will be released on Disney XD in August 12 2014.


Leo and the Turtles are caught by 5 foot soldiers and fight them realizing Splinter has been Kidnapped.

It shows Raph and Mikey pull a prank on Leonardo as he screams and Donnatello's machine blows up once more. Splinter is disapointed at Leo about him really taking a prank seriously that he went outside to the Surface world. The Shredder orders the attack to Foot Boss.



  • Leonardo
  • Raphael
  • Michaelangelo
  • Donnatello
  • Splinter
  • Casey Jones


  • The Shredder
  • Bebop (J.J Calestian)
  • Rocksteady (Greg Grongor)
  • Rahzar
  • Scorpiostar
  • Karai
  • The Foot Ninja
  • The Kraang