TMNT:Baby is a 4-part fanfiction written by GrampBi.


Part 1: Leonardo and his wife Akira are faced with unexpected news after their honeymoon.

Part 2: Akira is suddenly ready to give birth, but there's one problem; she can't make it to the hospital!

Part 3: The currently unnamed baby's first week is chronicled. Meanwhile, Leonardo realizes the dangers that Akira faces living with him, and now that they've had a child, the dangers only increase.

Part 4: Struggling to process the events of the end of Part 3, Leo and Akira decide to help their baby shake his fear of everyone and everything so he can live his life like a normal baby. Also: the baby's next weeks are chronicled as well.


Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3: Days in the Life of the Baby:

Part 4:

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