TMNT/Gargoyles: Crossover is a fanfiction series written by Celgress.


TMNT/Gargoyles Prologue

A different choice made by a distraught Demona at a crucial moment in 994 C.E. changes everything, and leads to the eventual meeting between the Turtles and the Manhattan Clan in 1994 C.E.

Season OneEdit

TMNT/Gargoyles Season One

Follow the continuing adventures of the TMNT (1987 series) and the Gargoyles as they battle crime in the streets of NYC, and beyond. While in the background a mysterious evil looms whose goal is nothing less the total destruction of life as we know it!.

Season TwoEdit

TMNT/Gargoyles Season Two

The battle for Avalon has been won, now can our heroes survive what is to come? Behold new villains and allies are introduced as the story goes full AU, and future challenges collide with terrors from the past.

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