2k12 vs 2k32k12 vs 2k3: SequelA Bad Reflection on You
A Christmas at the FarmhouseA Cowabunga RomanceA Day Off
A Dry Spot in the OceanA Ghost of a ChanceA Girl Named Krang
A Matter of TimeA Picture is Worth a Thousand WordsA Radical Portrait of Dimension X
A Revolution in Home AppliancesA Season in the BlueA TMNT Thanksgiving
A Whole New RaphAbsolute ZeroAcross the Multi-Verse
Adventure of the Massive April O'NeilAirbornAlopex
Alpha-1 is BackAnd All That WasAnother Alternate Dimension Story
Another Time and PlaceApril and Saki: a Bar StoryArmaggon
AscensionAspect ElementalBaxter Undercover
Baxter and Barney's 25th High School ReunionBaxter and BugmanBeat
Bebop and Rocksteady Steal the Turtle VanBeing more than FriendsBetrayal
Beyond ControlBlindsight: The DatorBoth Sides
Breaking ChainsBrought TogetherCalm Before the Storm
Christmas in New YorkComic ReliefsControl, Alt, Delete
Curse of the FlyDate NightDay of the Rat
DeliveranceDilemmas of a Party DudeDisplaced
Donatello's Amazing Furniture MoverDonatello's IdeaDonatello and the Swede Syndrome
DonatelloxApril O'Neil DrabbleDown With Mutants!Dropping in
Duck and CoverElectric SoulEmperor Vernon
End GameEnd of the Turtles WarEpisodic Aftermath
EvermoreExit the FlyExit the Fly verse
Fanfiction FuryFill Your Heart With Love and JoyFinding a Cure for Mona
Forever, Always YoungFreak ShowFrom the Journal of April O'Neil
Future DespairGhosts of the PastGomensasai for Everything
Goodbye, Fifth TurtleGrand QuestionHalloween Prank
Healing His PainHello Again, Punk FrogsHouseguest
How It All BeganHow It All Began (Weekyle 15)How It All Began (Zarius)
Human AgainI Saw Krang Kidnapping Santa ClausIn the Genes
InterruptionIrmaIt Wasn't Him
Its Was My ChoiceJephaelverseJournal
Just Don't Except a HugKrangusLand of a Thousand Klutzes
Lasers, Chaos, Action!Learning to FlyLeaving the Sewers
Leawing the SewersLeo ExploresLeonardo, Book III: Final Days
LeptonitesLights, Camera, Shredder!Little Brother
Logos, the Feared Pirate from Dimension XLullabyLurking from the Dark
Madame ButterflyMain PageMargarita on the Half-Shell
Maximum TMNT: The Legend BeginsMerry Christmas Burne ThompsonMichelangelo the Criminal
Mikey's Mood for Neutrino LoveMikey PoolsideMind Over Matter
Missing PiecesMona LisaMona Lisa Turns Human
Mona Meets Her MatchMore Than the Sum of His PartsMutants and Miracles
My Seer, My SecretaryNicktoons Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesNight Out of Time
Night of the Were-BatNightmareNo More Mr Nice Shredder
On Your OwnParachutePart of Us
PaybackPeace On Earth, Goodwill To TurtlesPizza Power!
Plan 9 from Channel 6PlaythingsPlumber between Ninjas
Problem Child 5Raphael's TransformationRaphael Counts 'Em All
RebootRecompenseRemembering the Dark Turtle
Reporters Never QuitRestoring FaithRetribution
Return of the KnuckleheadReturn of the Mighty MutanimalsReturn of the Were-Rats
Return to the TechnodromeRise of the Dark TurtleRise of the Ninjas
Romanian HolidaySacrificial LambsSaki's Queen
Secrets from the PastSecrets of KrangSeven Shredders
Shadow of the TurtlemaniacShinigami ShredderShredder's New Movie
Shredder's RevengeShredder Takes a ProtegeShreeka's Revenge
Skeletons in the ClosetSlayer in a Half ShellSleep is for Cats
So Long, No Thanks For All The FishSockhop ShellshockSoldiers of Restoration
Something DifferentSomething to HoldSpin That Wheel
Springtime for DonatelloStockmans Times SixStreet Sharks and Ninja Turtles Crossover
Stressed to KillSuper AprilSystem Error
TKC: Quality Time in 1990?TMNT/Gargoyles: Crossover by CelgressTMNT:Baby
TMNT: BirthTMNT: FacebookTMNT: The Heroes in a Halfshell
TMNT: Trouble in the TropicsTMNT: Turtle PowerTMNT: We Are Shadows
TMNT: Year of the DragonsTMNT: Zero HourTMNT (film)
TMNT 2014TMNT 2: Back From the SewersTMNT 2: Rise of the Kraang
TMNT Film SeriesTMNT IV: Turtles in Time NovelizationTMNT Restart
TMNT retoldTales of the 90s Movie TurtlesTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: EvolutionTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Half-Shell TeensTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Heroes in a Half Shell
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the ShadowsTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Rebooted Book 1Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Rebooted Book 2 Origins and Mutations
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2009)Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Primeshadow fanfic)Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : TranscensionTeenage Religous Mutant TurtlesTempestra's Revenge
Terror Through Time Part 1Terror Through Time Part 2Terror Through Time Part 3
That's Just DuckyThe Badguys' FicThe Baxter and Irma Affair
The Bishop DiariesThe Cat Woman ReturnsThe Curse of the Dragon
The Dimension X WarThe Dreggs of SocietyThe Exile of Krang
The Fifth TurtleThe Flies That Came to DinnerThe Foot Clan
The Frequency FiendsThe Gang's All HereThe Genastone
The Golden GooseThe Great DivideThe Haunted Mansion
The Heart That HurtsThe Iceman ComethThe Judgement of the Jaguar
The KraangThe Lady With the Mystic SmileThe Lazar-Wolf Experiment
The Lesser of Two EvilsThe Long RoadThe Lotus and the Sun
The Monster's SisterThe Mutant ChroniclesThe Mysterious Vanishing Turtle
The Ninja Turtles Meet JuliaThe Ninja Turtles Save ChristmasThe Order of the Day
The Phantom of the Floxy ReduxThe Power of OMNUSThe Rat King's Revenge
The ShredderThe Shredder is BornThe Swan and the Viper
The Three Musketeer Turtles Plus OneThe Triumphant Return of Super Irma!The Trouble with Tribble
The Turtle Terminator Version 2The Turtles and Allies Fan ClubThe Ultimate TMNT Fanfic
The Vegetable Vampires Stalk at MidnightThe Way HomeThe Well-Mannered Way
The Zoo at the Edge of the CageThereforeTime Doesn't Heal Everything
Tmnt and wolfsons leonardo x ashleyTo Discipline a ShadowTo Understand
Truth and LiesTruthsTurtle Loops
Turtle TurncoatTurtlebotsTurtles & Ducks
Turtles Forever : A New BeginningTurtles Re-UniteTurtles in Time
Twin BeaksTwin BreaksTwo Shreds are Better than One
Two Steps BeyondTwo TurtlesU F Fool
Ultimate TMNT Vol 1: The ClanUndertowUnsung Heroes
UnworthyVengeance is MineVerminator-X
VeronicaVisit to a Weird DimensionWe All Live in a Pokemon World
Weapons of Mass DestructionWeapons of Mass DistractionWednesday Night at Willie Wombat's
What Casey Did NextWhat If?What is Intelligence?
Whatever Happened to Irma Langinstein?When Can I See You Again?When Worlds Collide
Where I BelongWhirlpoolWho Shot Barney Stockman?
Whose Slice is it Anyway?Why Aren't They Writing Us!Why Not Just Use the Front Door
Winds of ChangeWith All Your HeartWrong Number
You're a Mean OneZariverseZerohour
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